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Welcome to Pine Hills Property Claims' Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services for
Property Damage Claims

At Pine Hills Property Claims, we offer expert witness services to support property damage claims, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Our expertise in Xactimate Level 3 estimating, residential roofing, siding, insurance claims, and damage inspections makes us the ideal choice for legal cases involving property exterior damages.

Our Expert Witness Services Include:

  • Xactimate Estimates


As a certified Xactimate Level 3 estimator, our lead adjuster can provide accurate and reliable estimates for property damage claims. Our expertise ensures that your claim is backed by the most comprehensive and precise estimates available.

  • Residential Roofing and Siding


With years of experience in residential roofing and siding, our team can provide expert testimony on various aspects of property exterior damages. We can assess the extent of damage, the quality of materials used, and the appropriateness of repair or replacement methods.

  • Insurance Claims


Our deep understanding of the insurance claims process allows us to provide expert insights into claim disputes, policy interpretations, and industry practices. Our testimony can help clarify complex insurance matters and strengthen your case.

  • Damage Inspections


Our expert damage inspections can identify the root causes of property exterior damages and provide an unbiased assessment of their impact on the property. Our thorough inspections ensure that all relevant factors are considered in your legal case.

Why Choose Pine Hills Property Claims for Expert Witness Services?

  • Certified Xactimate Level 3 estimator

  • Extensive experience in residential roofing, siding, and property exterior damages

  • In-depth knowledge of the insurance claims process

  • Serving clients in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, and Louisiana


Trust Pine Hills Property Claims to provide the expert witness services you need for a successful resolution to your property damage claim. Contact us today to discuss your case and discover how our expertise can make a difference.

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