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Wind and Hail Damage

In 2017 Minneapolis was affected by a multi-state hail and wind storm which caused an estimated $2.5 Billion in damage. The 7county metro area was the most heavily affected area during this loss. According to a study performed by the Insurance Information Institute the state of Minnesota has had over 737,000 homes affected by damaging hail stones.

Hail is known to cause damage to several components of a home. Many components of your home can be damages by these hails stones including shingles, metal roofing panels, roofing vents, aluminum windows, metal siding, decks, paint, garage doors, patio furniture, playground sets, fences, and many other items not listed here.

The extent of the damages, and the reasonable methods of repair, varies greatly from component to component and installation to installation. In order to properly access reasonable methods of repair it is often required to be familiar with the original method of installation, availability of current building materials, building codes, and what repair solution will alleviate any future financial burden of the insured.

If you believe your home may have been damaged in a hail stone storm, you should have your property inspected by an expert with your best interest in mind.

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